Newsletter October 2011

“I LOVE my manager!”

Do you love your manager? Or at the very least, do you respect your manager or supervisor? Over my last three decades in sales, I found out exactly what it takes to be a good manager. I will do my best to keep this discussion brief, despite the complexity of the topic.

A good manager treats each employee like a partner or even better, like a customer. Do you ever plan on treating a customer poorly and without respect? I don’t think so. As a business owner, I found that treating each employee like a customer worked very well and created a tremendous amount of loyalty.

I have had the luxury of working with Andy Alloway, owner of DEEB Realty. Andy is one of a handful of leaders whose management style is never criticized by anyone. Why? Because he cares about people. He knows his staff and associates are more important to the firm than he is. He listens to their concerns and comments. Bottom line… he cares.

Good managers add value to their people and help their stars shine even brighter. Jim Kalal, a marketing representative at Clear Channel Radio, recently said this about his manager, Marnie Simpson: “Marnie is a great manager… She not only gives me great direction but really manages to my strengths, which helps me to achieve the best results for my customers and build lasting relationships.”

Hey, managers, listen up! If your staff or employees aren’t saying something similar about you, then you have some work to do… on yourself. If you want to know why your people are not making comments like this about you, there’s an easy way to find out. Gather several of your key people in a closed-door session and ask them, “How can I become a better manager-the type of manager you’re excited to work for and motivated to give 110%?”

Attention, business owners! When was the last time you did an anonymous survey with your employees about how they feel about their manager? I know several managers who would be reprimanded immediately based on employee feedback. If your company has a revolving door and can’t seem to retain good salespeople, then guess what, Mr. Manager … it is possible you are not a good leader. If you treat your salespeople/employees/staff as if they are less important than you are, then you are not a good manager. Yes, it’s that simple.

Business owners, your salespeople/employees will sing like birds if you care enough about your company to ask for their input. They are the people in your company who really matter.


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