Newsletter December 2011

Five ways to transform yourself in 2012

At this time each year, many of us focus on setting goals for the year to come. This is a habit that I recommend highly, but only if you make sure that your goals are realistic. Don’t overwhelm yourself by aiming for drastic changes that will be difficult or impossible to achieve. Often changes that appear to be small can bring impressive results.

Make it your mission to be better in 2012 than you were in 2011. Below are five ways to transform yourself so that 2012 will be the kind of year you want it to be.

1. RETURN CALLS QUICKER. I have been preaching this as long as I can remember, and my advice has worked well for everyone who has followed it. There are only a few ways for us to show people how much we respect them. One of the best ways is by replying to their emails and phone calls as soon as you possibly can. Not only does it show that you care about people and that they are important to you, it’s also a sign that you’re an intelligent business person. Read more on this topic in Chapter 6 (page 109) of my book Common Sense Selling and watch your income grow!

2. QUIT COMPLAINING. When you share negative information with the people around you, exactly how do you expect them to benefit from it? Yes, it’s cold outside and you hate winter. Maybe your teenage daughter really is a monster, your spouse didn’t tell you good morning today, and you are bummed out because you got a parking ticket. We all face challenges on a regular basis, but what makes your problems so special that you are entitled to share them with everyone you talk to? Try this: challenge yourself to make only positive statements tomorrow and pay attention to how you are received by the people around you. When you focus on what is positive in your life, the challenges will be a lot easier to deal with.

3. SMILE MORE OFTEN. Enough said. You’re alive, so things can’t be that bad!

4. BE SIGNIFICANT IN OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES. Think back to one week ago today and start considering all the people that you ran into since then. How many people’s lives were you significant in? Were you a bright spot in their day? Did you say something to encourage them? Did you make them feel better about themselves? Did you ask them about their family or their career? How many people smiled after talking with you? Right this second you can start being significant in other people’s lives just by making the decision to do so.

5. WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS. What are your hopes and dreams for 2012? Write them down. Thinking about your dreams will make you smile and help you stay motivated. Putting a dream in writing is a prelude to transforming it into reality! If you really want to make your dreams and goals a reality, then you will hire me to present my Creating a Flight Path to Success workshop to your company. It’s guaranteed to produce monumental results!

Remember: Making minor adjustments in your life will create major results.


Van is the author of three books filled with common sense tactics that will help you master the fundamentals of success in sales. He can create a customized goal setting system and flight path for your company that is guaranteed to produce results. Van built a real estate company from the ground up, taking it from a one-person business to one of the largest companies in the Midwest with 350 associates. He will use these same principles to assist your business. Van is the outside voice that people need to hear in order to thrive in today’s business world. Contact Van on his direct line at 402-680-8448 or send him a note at


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