February 2012 Newsletter

Five Simple Ways to Have More Heart!

If you are having a hard time staying focused, getting motivated, and feeling inspired to be successful in your career, then you might not be putting your whole heart into what you’re doing.

No matter how strong your educational background, technical skills, talents, or abilities might be, if you aren’t putting your heart into your efforts then you are not going to reach your full potential.

What does it mean to put your heart into something? We Are Marshall and Remember the Titans are two movies that describe and define what having heart is all about. Movies like this motivate me and inspire me to find my own heart in accomplishing my goals.

It was no accident that my first book in 1997 was titled Selling from the Heart. I firmly believe that you will have a difficult path in your sales career or running your business if you don’t put your whole heart into it.

If doing things with your whole heart isn’t easy for you, don’t give up. It is something you can work on and develop, just like anything else you need to work on to be a success.

Below are five simple ways to develop a “having heart” mindset.

  1. Care more about your career than you are required to. Constantly find ways to be the best you can be.
  2. Concentrate on winning—not just competing, but winning. If you know in your heart that you have the ability to be your company’s top producer, then do it! Don’t make excuses, just make it happen. Putting your whole heart into it will get you there.
  3. The expression “Put your heart into it” could also be translated as “Give it all the effort you can.” So roll up your sleeves and dig in! You have the ability to accomplish anything you want in your life, and putting your heart into every task will produce maximum results. You won’t know this is true until you try.
  4. Sometime today, set aside 10 minutes with no interruptions. Turn your cell phone off; avoid the Internet or TV. Take 10 minutes of alone time— that’s all. Then ask yourself two questions: Do I have heart in my career? Am I giving my job all the effort I possibly can to accomplish my goals and be successful? Be honest with yourself. If you think there is room for improvement in these areas, then ACT NOW. Make a change in your life right now, because it’s never too late.
  5. Find inspiration from something outside yourself. This may be easier than you expect. Watching inspirational movies like We Are Marshall or Remember the Titans, reading an inspirational book like The Traveler’s Gift, memorizing spiritual affirmations, or spending time with your family or someone you admire may be just what you need.

You have the ability and talent to accomplish whatever you want, and digging deep into your heart will propel you to higher levels of success in your business as well as life in general.


Van is an inspirational speaker and a sales expert who specializes in bringing out the natural talent in his audiences. Schedule Van today for a “having heart” workshop to inspire and motivate your associates to accomplish any goal they desire. Contact Van at van@vandeeb.com or call his direct line at 402-680-8448. Also join the Van Club today at www.vandeeb.com

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